What we do



The media landscape is becoming more and more fragmented every year with numerous television channels, radio stations, outdoor print and digital opportunities. Now more than ever, having a media specialist assist with your communications strategy is vital.
How much time do you spend every week responding to or dealing with advertising issues?
And are you wasting precious advertising dollars on the wrong media options?
The Media Dept specialises in the planning and buying of media. From our complete suite of research tools to analyse where your audience is, to developing media plans to suit your objectives, and negotiating the best rates possible from media suppliers to maximise the value from your media budget, our entire process is designed to deliver you the highest number of potential customers for the lowest possible cost.
DIGITAL can often be viewed as a complicated and somewhat daunting medium, but it is in fact just another channel by which to communicate to your potential customers. We have vast knowledge and practical experience with online media including banner advertising, social media content and ads, Google search, EDM's, pre-roll video, TV on-demand, text and mobile.
The Media Dept works with a wide range of clients - Corporate, Government, small business and advertising agencies - to develop the most effective and cost-efficient methods of delivering on communications objectives through media planning, negotiation, buying and campaign analysis.
If you're looking for full media service, help with a one-off project or just a bit of advice, we'd love to hear from you.